Project Overview

Tattnall Place, is a 97-unit mixed income multifamily development, completed on the 7-acre site of the former 1940’s Oglethorpe Home public housing development.  Located in the heart of Macon’s Intown Historic District, the complete demolition and subsequent design redevelopment of the site re-integrated the former super-block back into the surrounding neighborhood, helping to spur both public and private redevelopment in those areas as well.  The mixed income development includes fully-subsidized public housing units, tax credit subsidized units and market-rent units.  Due to the proximity to Mercer University, students occupy a number of the market-rent apartments.

The new buildings are designed to complement and blend with large homes in the neighborhood.  Just as many of those houses have been divided over time into apartments, the new Tattnall Place “houses” are divided into 2, 3, or 4 apartments.  As in the adjacent neighborhoods, the new “houses” have large porches facing the streets and on-street parking.

The site infrastructure – streets, walks, underground utilities – are completely new.  The site also features several small open green spaces, a Community Building, and a swimming pool.

Walter Elliott Photography
Macon, Georgia