Services...what we do

Architecture…the art, science, and business of building

According to most definitions of architecture, we design buildings. In simpler terms, we solve problems. Generally, the first step in solving a problem is to define the problem, a process we call “Programming”.


A program is a written document that states the overall project vision and goal(s), then further addresses the specifics in terms of space, function, aesthetics, etc. We spend time in working sessions listening to our clients in the process of developing these requirements and then hold one-on-one meetings with any designated individuals or groups who will be using the space. This information, in turn, is a tool for our clients to use in determining the feasibility of a project based on defined space needs, physical constraints, and cost implications.


With the problem defined, the specific needs/function/aesthetics addressed, we then begin the planning phases by first determining our constraints….

  • Site…size, shape, location, zoning, topography, orientation…
  • Surroundings…historic characteristics, adjacent uses, scale, urban/suburban…
  • Infrastructure…available utilities, streets, vehicular/pedestrian access…
  • Building Code requirements…building size, use, type of construction…
  • Environmental considerations…environmental concerns, energy efficiency, responsible material selection…
  • Budget…SF projections based on programmed size


With a sound understanding of the constraints, we can begin the design process. Design is the creative process of giving shape and form to the information we gathered in the Program. A project design occurs as a progression, from general Conceptual Design to somewhat more defined Schematic Design to more detailed Design Development to fully detailed Contract Documents.

Construction Administration

With a final set of Contract Documents a project is ready to move to the Construction Phase, either through bidding to General Contractors or through other types of delivery methods, such as Construction Management. We assist our clients through the construction administration Phase by observing the work in-progress, reviewing submittals, processing Pay Requests, responding to RFI’s, and providing regular project reports. At the completion of the construction phase we process complete Close-out Documents for our Clients benefit

Taken as a whole this process encompasses the “…art, science, and business of building”.